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Services Offered by Our Members and General Advertisements to Our Members

As a service to our members, District 22 is pleased to provide this web-page. The following are brief descriptions of services available from and for our members. If you just like browsing, this page offers some insight into the varied talents retired teachers continue to use.

District 22 Members who wish to have an entry on this page should contact the Webmaster.

Services offered may be free or there may be a 'fee-for-service'.

Services will be put up for a maximum of one year unless the webmaster is contacted again to extend the period.

NOTE:RTO/ERO District 22's responsibility is limited to providing this web-page only. No endorsement of any product or service is made or implied. Transactions entered into as a result of contacts made through this service are between the parties involved in that transaction only.

CRM Presentation

This was a Power Point presentation given to the communication Committee on how to get more actively involve with the membership.

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RTO Scholarship Application



Patients First

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Participation for Brain Health with Exercise

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Important Probate Information

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Awareness Campaigns For Seniors

The Canadian Medical Association has begun an awareness campaign to highlight Senior’s Health Care.


This is supported by ACER-CART (Canadian Association of Retired Teachers).

Here are three links that members of RTO-ERO would find usefull


CMA Election Toolkit

Book of Scams

This link will take you to a book featuring a number of scams that have been discovered in this area.

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Fact Sheet on Identity Theft

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Habitat For Humanity


Building Homes. Building Hope

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Video Presentation From Eldercare Select

You can find a very informative video on Eldercare at the following website.



For more information on Eldercare you can speak to a specialist at  1-888-327-1500



 Ontario Youth Consultancy Program

Good morning Retired Teachers of Ontario,

A new youth consultancy has recently been launched, Curious Life consulting (

It offers a holistic approach and support for students aged 14 through 20, for career planning, education options, and transition to adult life. Sessions will be offered in person in Kingston, Ontario, and online or by phone across Ontario.

I've included the news release below. It would be much appreciated if you could distribute this to anyone who may be interested in this service, in your Retired Teachers network or otherwise.

New youth consultancy offers support to Canadian youth to prep for career, post-secondary education, and adult life
Kingston, November 12, 2013 – At a time where only one in two young adults in Ontario has a job (the worst unemployment rate since 1976), and one out of every 12 students drops out of school, a new youth consultancy service offers crucial assistance for young people of all backgrounds to land on their feet.
Curious Life Consulting, a newly launched service in Kingston, provides much-needed guidance and personalized assessment to help youth aged 14 through 20 years make informed decisions about their career, education, and starting adult life. One-on-one sessions help teens maximize on their abilities and interests, and then work towards setting goals to find education and jobs they love. People of this age are about to embark on most likely the biggest change of their lives so far. They have at least a decade of schooling under their belt, and are now getting pressure to decide “what to do with their lives” but face dozens of viable opportunities for working, learning, and living.
Different than generic career counselling or education planning, Curious Life offers a holistic approach and highly individualized attention, resources, and strategies. Because sessions are offered on an “as-needed” basis, it avoids the need to commit to expensive packaged plans as most centers demand. Youth across Canada can reach out for help through Skype sessions.
“Young people need the freedom to pursue their interests and strengths, and figure out the joys and trials of becoming an adult,” explains Ashley Wightman, founder of Curious Life Consulting. “If you’ve ever felt that your teen lacks direction, or if you as a young person feel overwhelmed about what next steps to take, we can help.”
Tapping into the knowledge and expertise of someone who has experience to guide young people in helping make important and everyday decisions can save families years of confusion, time, and money.
About Curious Life
Ashley Wightman has 15 years’ experience including education administration, career counselling, building customized learning plans, and youth outreach, and works at Queen’s University. She follows the ethic of respecting the rights of youth to create their own life path, and is comfortable providing support and guidance in innovative strategies to help achieve self-designed goals. 
For further information, contact:
Ashley Wightman



The Toronto Choristers

This is a choir composed of mainly retired teachers.

Their Spring Concert was at Sir John A. MacDonald C.I. in May.  For more information about the Toronto Choristers contact John Sinclair at 

                [email protected]

Recruitment About Young Worker Awareness Program

We are currently recruiting for presenters of the Young Worker Awareness Program in the Etobicoke & York District. I have been in contact with Simon Leibovitz at RTO/ERO who said that I may contact you about this exciting opportunity for retired teachers.


Attached are the ads we have created, in English and in French, that we hope you may use to advertise this position on your District website and with your members.


Further information about the Young Worker Awareness Program is found on the Workers Health & Safety Centre website:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



With thanks,



Monique Boehm
Executive Administrative Assistant

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